Bill Barlet


Bill Barlet

All Aspects of Network Infrastructure, Quality Management Systems, TL9000, Network Operations Center Efficiency and Integration, Performance Management, Operational Support System Analysis, Benchmarking Studies, Strategic Planning, Operational Excellence

Bill Barlet has extensive leadership experience domestically and internationally in the telecommunications industry for both wireless and wireline technologies. His experience includes engineering R&D in emerging technologies, technical project/program management, business opportunity assessment and development, process improvement, effective communication, training, mentoring, resource allocation, forecasting, operations efficiency, risk management, metrics and reporting, project auditing, conflict resolution, business continuity, and multiple network operations center environments and technical support.

Bill has led technical organizations across a broad array of responsibilities, including xDSL and hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) fiber to the node architectures, TDM switching translations and routing, network inventory systems including TIRKS and next generation systems, E911 and Next Generation 911, broadband wireless network architectures, Video NOC and headends, and development of network architectures, models and configurations across a broad spectrum of network technologies, including TDM, DWDM, SONET, IP, Frame/ATM, and Ethernet.

Bill earned two post-graduate degrees at the University of Montana: an MBA, and an MA in Communications. He earned his BA in Political Science/History from Montana State University. His telecommunications career spans over 30 years during which he has held multiple Director positions for a major Telecommunications Service Provider across numerous engineering, business development and network operations responsibilities.

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