Changing requirements are often cited as a top reason for project failure. Agile software development is iterative and meant to be responsive to change, but in order for development to be truly resilient to change, methods for gathering and expressing requirements must become iterative and agile as well. You may have heard about ‘User Stories’ as the mechanism for expressing Agile requirements, but User Stories are not enough. In any software development enterprise of sufficient size we must be able to express requirements at multiple levels of abstraction. This workshop is intended to help attendees get a handle on the 3 levels of requirements as well as covering techniques for reasoning about and expressing them at all levels.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand gathering and expressing requirements at all 3 levels of the enterprise
  • Understand estimating effort for Agile requirements
  • Understand the key role testing plays in the realization of requirements
  • Have hands-on experience with a variety of Agile requirements techniques

Workshop Outline

  • Agile Requirements: The Big Picture
  • Requirements at the Team Level
  • Requirements at the Program Level
  • Requirements at the Portfolio Level
  • Requirements and Release Planning
  • Iterations and Requirements
  • Agile Estimation of Effort
  • The Importance of Testing


Product owners, business analysts , software development leaders


2-3 days

What’s Next?