Agile Software Development Framework

Why do companies implement Agile software development frameworks?

  • They need to be able to quickly respond to changing requirements in an ever changing marketplace for their software products.
  • They want to ensure the software products they develop are accurately addressing the real business and client needs.
  • They need to be able to field working high-quality software products on short timelines.
  • They want to reduce the overall risk associated with software development.

Whether you are currently using Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative Development, or have started to implement a form of Agile; The DESARA Group has experience with upgrading and transforming software development organizations to accelerate the delivery of business value and increased quality.


Process Transformation Implementation Details

  • Exploration – What is the current Software Development Process
  • Exploration – Understanding current organizational structure
  • Gap Analysis – What benefits can we achieve?
  • Implementation Plan
  • Management commitment to necessary organizational changes
  • Selection of coach/champions from client staff
  • Kick-off meeting / transformation overview with key stakeholders
  • Hands-on workshop/training with coaches to create rollout plan
  • Management commitment for rollout
  • Iterative rollout of modifications
  • Hands-on workshops/mentoring with development teams
  • Progress checkpoints and verification of business value delivered
  •  Management Review and Demonstration
  •  ** ITERATE **

We will work with you through 2-3 quarterly release cycles for a total engagement length of 7-12 months.  Value is typically begins to be realized within 3 months.

This is not a “big bang” implementation; we will help introduce a velocity of change that will be able to be absorbed by your organization to yield solid results quickly!