This workshop will introduce participants to Agile’s terminology, principles, and framework.  Hands-on sessions will help reinforce learning by having participants try out various Agile techniques and determine how they can best be used in their organization.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will

  • Understand Agile terminology, concepts, and the Agile framework
  • Understand specific Agile techniques they would like to implement in their organization
  • Understand how to structure Agile teams in their organization
  • Be able to lead Agile teams in their organization

Workshop Outline

Core Concepts

  • Roles
  •  Activities
  •  Artifacts

Agile Principles

  • Embracing Changing Requirements
  •  Frequent Delivery of Working Software
  •  Attention to Quality
  • Tracking, Tuning and Adjusting on a Regular Basis
  • Measuring Success

Agile Planning
Agile Requirements – What Needs Doing
The Sprint – Getting It Done
Keeping it Going – Doing It Again!


Software development managers and leads, product managers, test/QA managers,  business analysts


2-3 days

What’s Next?