Cost-Effective Training Programs

Maximize your return on your investment in all forms of training and development.

The DESARA Group offers classroom training at your facility and in public venues.

Many companies allow their associates to select and schedule their own training. Granted, this works around personal schedules, but it is not very efficient. Getting approval for travel, time-off, preparation time, etc. consumes more time. The DESARA Group offers on-site training. This would take place in your conference room! Since travel is not an issue, more people could attend – making your workforce more qualified. On-site training could be scheduled multiple times per year – and still reduce training costs.

Cut Your Training Costs in Half!

If your company held on site, in house training – you could significantly cut training costs! If during the year, five people travel for lead auditor training – by doing in house training more people have access to training. Travel costs can be reduced or eliminated. Conference room costs can be avoided. IS09001, 15014001, or TL9000 training are ideal candidates for in house training. Training can be scheduled for headquarters and major sites – allowing for in house training to more people. The DESARA Group can also assist in filing for Grants, which would lower the training costs even more.

Whatever your training needs are The DESARA Group has experience! Starting with a Training Needs Analysis, to providing public and private training, to customized in-house training – we can do it.

The DESARA Group’s business process improvement methodology includes developing the skills that people at every level of your business need in order to sustain and continue to build upon the improvements we help you make.

We recognize that skill development happens in many ways and that needs vary greatly across individuals, so we work with you to customize skill development plans. We build on the knowledge base and learning methods that you already successfully use by providing the specific new information and implementation techniques that you need to drive improvements in your business.

Our most successful clients use a customized combination of:

  • Classroom training offered on site or in public venues
  • Self-paced study including computer based training
  • On site application workshops where our consultants guide on-the-job implementation of classroom skills
  • One-on-one or small group coaching by our consultants, offered on site or using remote methods

It’s been said that training without coaching is not much more than entertainment. We get the best long term value from training when we use The DESARA Group’s three-touch approach: Classroom training followed by on-site workshops, backed by ongoing coaching with the consultant. We get the results we need when we use this effective and affordable method.”

On Site Training is best when:

  • People want to be able to ask many situation-specific questions in a confidential environment
  • Participants need to minimizes time away from work and/or travel expenses
  • The course needs to be held on short notice, on specific dates and/or in a particular place
  • Some people only need to attend certain modules of the class
  • The organization prefers to insert customized modules in the course, e.g. covering its own organizational needs, procedures, systems or tools
  • A project team would like to begin to plan implementation activities in the context of a class
  • There will be an application workshop immediately following the class, or
  • There are at least three people in one location who need to learn the material and who can coordinate their schedules to attend together

Public Training is best when:

  • Fewer than three people in one location will take the course at one time
  • Participants want a high degree of interaction with people from other companies in order to broaden their perspective and industry knowledge
  • Participants choose to be away from the workplace in order to give their undivided attention to course content, or
  • The organization is already implementing much of the material covered in the course but still needs periodic formal training to address turnover and job rotation

The DESARA Group offers training on these standards:

  • OHSAS 18001 and 18002
  • IS0 9000 family (9000, 9001, 9004)
  • ISO 14001 and 14004
  • ISO 19011
  • ISO 20252
  • ISO 27000
  • ANSI Z-10
  • TL9000

Classes would be held at your facility! No travel is required. Depending upon the class, as many as 25 participants could attend.