FOSS Risk Mitigation

Do you have a legal issue lurking in your source code base that you don’t even know about?

Using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has become widespread in development in recent years.  Many developers use “free” code libraries and grab code snippets off the internet to accelerate their coding without even thinking about it.

But did you know that “free” is not always really FREE?  There are license terms and conditions attached to most FOSS that need to be understood so that you do not expose your company to legal liability for improperly using FOSS.

Whether you distribute software or just use it internally, you need to ensure you are complying with FOSS license obligations:

  • Know what FOSS is included in your software base
  • Have a FOSS usage and management policy
  • Educate your development staff about FOSS

If you distribute/sell software you additionally need to review your distribution agreements and make sure they take all FOSS license obligations into account.

Our experienced consultants will walk you through the basics of what you need to know – understand the basics of FOSS and what you may need to do to remediate any current issues.  Knowledge is power; get in front of the problem instead of being hit by it unaware.

Start the conversation with DESARA today, we offer:

  • FOSS Policy/Process Development & Deployment
  • FOSS Workshops for various organizational roles
    • Business Owner
    • Managers
    • Developers
  • FOSS Policy/Process Audits