ISO 9001:2015 Gap Assessment Service

Transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 requires a systematic plan to move from your current state to a desired future state.  A formal Gap Assessment should be one of the initial steps in that plan, right after studying the standard and understanding the meaning of the  new requirements.  

What is the Gap Assessment Service?

  • A formal comparison of existing practices against requirements of the standard
  • Conducted at your business through interviews, observations, and the evaluation of documented information
  • Identifies how you may already meet some of the new requirements
  • Reveals areas where you might be unclear on how requirements apply or whether you meet them
  • Uncovers risks and weaknesses that may have been overlooked in previous internal audits
  • Provides a written report on the status of the QMS relative to the new standard
  • Serves as a fundamental input to transition planning 

Why use DESARA's Gap Assessment Service?

  • Our consultants have studied ISO 9001:2015 and related standards in detail and are adept at assessing and reporting on compliance and effectiveness, particularly in large, complex systems
  • We provide an objective, detailed analysis of your system
  • Our methods may uncover previously undetected risks and opportunities because we have no prior history with your system and no influence over your certificate, but we have extensive industry experience that allows us to recognize hidden details
  • Unlike Certification Bodies (CBs) who are ethically prohibited from offering insight and suggestions on improvements, DESARA specializes in helping clients make significant gains in business performance through management system implementation

Are you ready to plan your transition to ISO 9001:2015 with the intention of making meaningful improvements? Then let's schedule some time to talk about how to conduct an effective gap assessment to launch your success.