ISO 9001:2015 Management Briefing

2 Hours / $195   
On-site at your location, Private Virtual Classroom, Public Virtual Classroom or Pre-Recorded Virtual Classroom

Who is this training for?

  • Leaders who need to understand what ISO 9001:2015 asks of them and their organizations
  • Those planning to implement ISO 9001 for the first time or make changes to an existing system, e.g. because of a major reorganization or merger
  • Leaders who are preparing for certification audits

What You’ll Learn

  1. An overview of ISO 9001:2015, including describing how the standard has changed over the years to be more focused on business results than on simply complying with requirements
  2. Key concepts and terminology that may require changes in your organization, e.g. risk-based approach, context, interested parties, management/leadership, process approach, etc.
  3. Examples of how top organizations use ISO 9001:2015 principles to increase quality and reduce risks
  4. Requirements for management to review the quality management system, and examples of how effective organizations make these reviews not only meaningful, but essential to the management team as a whole
  5. Expectations of leaders related to setting objectives, planning to achieve them, and reviewing results, being accountable for the quality management system, and promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking

Note: Participants may want to bring a copy of ISO 9001:2015 (not required).
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  1. On-site at your location (your schedule, special pricing available)
    Great as an add-on to an on-site internal audit class or on-site audit
  2. Private Virtual Instructor-led (your schedule, special pricing available)
    Instructor and slides projected at your location or to multiple locations, max 40 log-ins. Perfect for dispersed leadership teams. All discussions are tailored to your specific organization.
  3. Public Virtual Instructor-led (our schedule, $195/person)
    As above, but the class will include participants from other organizations so questions and answers may be genera and are not confidential. 
    Best when you have fewer than 4 attendees.
  4. Recorded Virtual Instructor-led (on demand, $195/person)
    A recording of a public (generic) version of an instructor-led program.
    A great way to sample DESARA training and get the info you need right now

Training 4 or more people?
Contact us to save time and money by training at your location or through a private remote-access program.

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