A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is Not Just Backing Up Your Files!

Many organizations possess a false sense of security by merely backing up their files. They feel that this is all that is needed in order to recover their operations in the event of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. This recent event in the northeast has demonstrated that much more is needed. As a minimum, the following should be considered:

  • Alternate facilities should your base of operation be uninhabitable
  • Back up personnel in the event that prime personnel are not available
  • Arrangements for back-up equipment (computers, etc.)
  • Multiple communication channels for personnel
  • Emergency financing so that funds are available for recovery operations
  • Pre-set times and places for in-person meetings in the event that all other avenues of communication are unavailable
  • A succession plan in the event that top management personnel become unavailable
  • Periodic dry runs to ensure that all are aware of their expectations
  • And do not forget to require BCPs from key suppliers

The above is merely a partial list of items to be considered. It is recommended that professional assistance be utilized in order to ensure that your BCP is complete and comprehensive.