Mariah Krupowicz

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Key Focus Areas: Writing, Editing, Project Management, Marketing, Web & Graphic Design

Mariah Krupowicz is a Marketing Assistant at The DESARA Group. Prior to that, Mariah has experience as a Technical Writer and Associate Consultant with The DESARA Group.

Mariah graduated from the University of Iowa in December 2017. Mariah holds a BS in Communications Studies with an emphasis on Written Communication. She took courses through the University of Iowa Writers Workshop.  

Mariah believes that strong written communication is vital in an era where quantity is emphasized over quality. The importance of high quality, clear and concise writing is often overlooked, when in fact, it is vital to any highly functioning operation. Mariah believes that a foundation of strong communication is what builds successful organizations. In depth, accurate and easy to understand writing should be a top priority in every organization.


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