Mark Hehl

Electro Static Discharge (ANSI:ESD S20.20), ISO 22301- “Societal security – Business Continuity Management Systems”, Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain Improvement, ISO 9001, TL 9000, Supplier Cost Reduction, International Operations, Cross Cultural Issues / Training, Supplier Cost Reduction, Social Compliance Auditing, Technology Transfer, Customer Satisfaction, Design for Manufacturability

Mark Hehl’s career spans over 40 years and includes leadership roles in international operations, technology transfer, quality, reliability, cost reduction, supply chain improvement and lead time reduction in many industries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. As a past executive for the Timex Corporation, Mark implemented Six Sigma at major suppliers in China and at other worldwide corporate facilities. In recognition of his contributions, these Chinese suppliers honored him with the award of the Chinese name 文楷 “Ho Man Kai,” which is Cantonese for “good and knowledgeable.”

Mr. Hehl holds a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology and a MS Degree in Management from the Polytechnic Institute of New York. Mark is a frequent guest on National Public Radio and is listed in the United Who’s Who Executive Directory 2002-2003. He has also authored over 25 technical papers on various Business Process Improvement & International Business Development subjects and is writing a book titled Improving Your Operations in Emerging Countries.

Mr. Hehl spends a significant amount of time at both domestic and at international locations assisting his clients and their suppliers. He is very familiar with the Latin American and Asian cultures and ways of conducting business there.


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