Process Mapping and Management

An organization is composed of processes, which together form the operating system. The success of an organization depends upon how well these processes work, and work together.

The DESARA Group believes that Process Mapping is one of the most powerful tools available. Process Mapping is not just about creating flowcharts; it’s about identifying process improvement opportunities, gathering data on process performance, and managing the process. In fact; our proven approach mirrors the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model used in Six Sigma, so the course serves as an excellent introduction to the basic tools used in Six Sigma.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understanding the process approach
  • Selecting the right process to map
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities in the team
  • Coordinating logistics of process mapping
  • Conducting the process mapping session
  • Managing team dynamics
  • Identifying “quick wins” within the process
  • Identifying opportunities for measurement within the process
  • Gathering and analyzing process data
  • Creating the “to be” process
  • Documenting and deploying the new process
  • Monitoring and enforcing the new process

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