Sal Girifalco

Process Performance Improvement Via Lean, Process Management, Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction Interviews. Quality Management Systems, TL 9000

Sal’s focus is helping organizations improve performance utilizing a variety of complementary tools and methodologies to achieve bottom line results. He helps organizations make significant improvements by applying tools such as Lean and Process Management. For situations that do not require the full complexity of Six Sigma (such as extensive statistics), he utilizes Root Cause Analysis tools. He also conducts focused customer survey interviews to help organizations understand customer perceptions of critical areas that need attention.

His specialty is energizing an organization and achieving significant and rapid performance improvement by applying Lean concepts and tools via Kaizen events. Kaizen events are focused and of short duration, typically 5 days. Typically, in that short time a process team is trained; the process is analyzed; the redesigns are tested; changes are planned and implemented; and results are measured. If appropriate, he will incorporate process mapping in the early stages of the project. This high speed approach cuts through common implementation problems that often get in the way of realizing improvements. It moves from creating good ideas that sometimes wither on the vine to solutions that are implemented immediately and realize results. He has found that Lean works well with both production and administrative processes.

Sal can also help his clients obtain critical information on the perception of its customers through focused customer interview surveys. Rather than mail-in surveys that usually result in very few responses, he designs and conducts customized surveys that utilize interviews to get an in-depth view of what customers think about key areas of their relationship with his client. The survey results show what customer think, and why, and are intended to focus improvement efforts on areas that matter the most.

Sal earned his MBA from Adelphi University and his BS in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has 30 years of management and process improvement experience. He was a Director at a major Telecommunications Service Provider, and has been a consultant to many companies, from the very small, to the very large. He served as a pilot with the US Air Force and NY Air National Guard for 20 years, where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


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