Service Offerings Overview

The DESARA Group helps organizations to improve overall business effectiveness and profits.

We provide services in the following areas:

Quality Leadership Development

  • Define quality objectives based on customer needs
  • Plan long- and short-term quality using customer and supplier input
  • Review quality performance
  • Implement scorecards to drive accountability

Management System Implementation: ISO 9001 and other standards*

  • Train for leadership, implementation teams and general employees
  • Implement projects
  • Full support: consultants on site consistently throughout project
  • Targeted support: periodic on site work sessions and remote support

Auditing Management Systems: ISO 9001, ISO 27001,  TL 9000, ISO 14001, R2

  • Train for audit leaders and team members 
  • Initial training
  • Annual workshops to coach auditors and enhance their skills
  • Advanced audit training: specific standards and methods
  • Establish audit program
  • Prepare for outsourced audits

The DESARA Group can perform some or all of your internal audits and help you identify opportunities for improvement that your internal auditors don’t see and that your registrar can’t comment upon.  We give you comprehensive audit reports and coach you on corrective actions and continual improvement to make your business more effective.  We also coach your internal auditors to improve their skills so that they can add more value during the audits they do.

Continual Improvement Methods and Application: Fundamental and Advanced

  • Quality Improvement and Problem Solving Concepts (Lean, 6 Sigma, etc)
  • Corrective Action and Preventive Action
  • Process Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis

Many companies find that over time, their quality management systems seem to exist more to maintain a certificate by satisfying auditors than to truly improve business performance.  We take quality and process improvement concepts out of the classroom and put them to work to help you solve critical business problems.