ISO 9001:2015 Transition Consulting and Support - On Site and Remote

Once you have identified what to change in your management system, the heavy lifting starts. DESARA has helped dozens of organizations implement management systems over the years, and we can help you with targeted coaching, facilitation, problem solving, and everything it takes to get things done.  

DESARA can provide customized support throughout your transition. Most clients use a combination of multi-day on-site meetings, shorter working sessions over web meetings, regularly scheduled project status meetings, on-demand phone support, and asynchronous e-mail support. Examples of areas where our clients may seek support include:

  • Leadership workshops to collectively define and apply new requirements
  • Risk Based Thinking implementation across applicable areas of the business
  • Revisions to documented information
  • Basic and advanced training and coaching for internal auditors
  • Readiness assessment prior to the final CB transition audit

Whether you're just getting started with your transition or you've hit a rough spot along the way, DESARA can help you get and stay on track.  Let's see if a bit of outside expertise might accelerate your progress toward your goals.