Internal Audit Services

Have you struggled with getting resources and buy-in for your internal audit program?

DESARA's Internal Audit Services can help you get the results your business needs.

The DESARA Group also has a a variety of training course offerings that can help you to boost your internal audit programs.


Outsource Internal Audits 

Outsource Internal Audits

It takes a lot of resources to get and keep internal auditors up to speed on all the various standards and certifications.   Businesses who use DESARA consultants for internal audits avoid costs of recruiting and retraining auditors, providing standards, and updating audit tools.

Stay focused on what your team does best - making improvements to your system - and leave the audits to DESARA. 

How we work:

  • Analyze your management system and assess risks and opportunities 
  • Determine your audit needs and collaboratively plan a program
  • Prepare audit plans, assigning an appropriate DESARA expert to each process
  • Conduct audits and provide detailed, comprehensive reports
  • Transfer key learnings to audit escorts and observers from your team 
  • DESARA supports action planning and audit closure to ensure effective corrective action


Is your team capable of finding and reporting results that actually provide value?
Is it really worth your time to conduct all of your internal audits?

Many of our clients prefer to hire our objective, efficient, expert resources so that their employees can focus on serving customers and solving your unique business problems that can’t be outsourced.  

Program Manager Mentoring
(On-site or Remote)

Work with a DESARA mentor one-on-one to upgrade your audit team leadership skills.

Meetings are private, flexibly scheduled, customized to meet your exact needs, and highly cost effective.

This is the answer if you don’t have time or money for training classes, or if you have a small team of leaders who want to make substantial changes to audits and to your management system.

Internal Audit Partners

(Blended on/off-site)

Your auditors were trained a long time ago, and you’ve added new auditors who followed their lead. Partner with DESARA and have one of our skilled auditors work side by side with each of your auditors to plan, conduct, report, and close this year’s audits.  We guide you through advanced planning methods to maximize the impact of interviews, and then we coach you to get improvements made effectively. 

Let's talk about how a customized solution can build your audit team's effectiveness.

(On-site or Remote)

Looking to boost your internal audit programs through in-person or online training?

The DESARA Group is here to help and offers a variety of training courses that can help you to better support your internal audit programs and get the results that your business needs.

Many of our courses are available in either on-site or remote formats, or both!


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Interested in hearing more from DESARA?

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