Six Sigma Green Belt Training

5 Days – 3.6 CEUs

Many organizations are realizing there is strength in numbers – which is why they are expanding the number of Green Belts. Green Belts are trained on a subset of Six Sigma tools. They provide bench strength to the Black Belt and fulfill a key role by facilitating process mapping sessions, overseeing data analysis, analyzing less complex data, and helping with the roll-out of a new/revised process. They can also work on projects of smaller scope (1-2 months duration) which can have astounding payoffs.

Green Belts can provide a huge benefit even to those companies not fully deploying Six Sigma. Providing key managers with the Green Belt skill set allows them to work on their own processes and be the drivers of continual improvement.

This intense five-day course is targeted for Green Belt candidates, but is also ideal for Quality Practitioners needing to understand the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model and how it may apply within their organization. In addition to tutorials and workshops, participants get to experience the DMAIC model during a simulation exercise – live, hands on activities which examine a process. Participants have an opportunity to analyze and improve the process during the week, using the knowledge they have acquired along the way. Their goals is to drive the process to 6σperformance. Some teams make it and some don’t; but the process of trying to reach the goal is powerful and compelling.

Program Overview
  • Understanding the history of Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology
  • Identifying viable Six Sigma Green Belt projects
  • DEFINING a team charter, key Critical to Customer measurements, the existing process in a process map, and Quick Wins.
  • MEASURING the targeted process to determine suitability of the measurement system, the definition and collection of process data, and presentation of baseline data
  • ANALYZING the process to determine root cause
  • IMPROVING the process through the development of solutions and their testing
  • CONTROLLING the process by standardizing work methods and creating supporting documentation, conducting routine audits of the new process, and periodically revisiting the process to identify further improvement opportunities
  • Facilitating teams, and learning how to deal with difficult participants and team conflict

Green Belt Certification is obtained by completing the following steps:

  • Attend DESARA’s five day Green Belt course or an equivalent course reviewed by DESARA.
  • Successfully pass the exam given at the end of the week with an 80% grade.
  • Pay an additional $1000 fee for 4 hours of coaching and final project review.
  • Lead and complete a DESARA approved Green Belt project.
  • Submit a final project set of slides for review by a DESARA Black Belt.

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Interested in hearing more from DESARA?

Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified on upcoming webinars, events, training opportunities and more!